Local Crime Scene Clean-up

Crime Scene Clean-up & Bio-Hazard Remediation 11th Hour is a professional crime scene cleanup company, and since 2005 our employees have dealt with a variety of dreadful and daunting sites.  With our extensive list of unique clean up services, we often respond to some of the most horrific incidents imaginable: break-ins, vandalism, stabbings, shootings, accidents, injuries, trauma, murders, dead bodies that have decomposed, drug houses, meth labs, tear gas, and other incident involving bio-hazards, blood, or bodily fluid.

Although we are a crime scene cleanup company, with “crime scene cleaning, clean-up and cleaners” being a widely used search term to find us – we also offer a myriad of services not involving criminal activity.  11th Hour responds to various scenes where biological or hazardous material is present regardless of if a crime has or has not been committed.  We are often called in for suicide cleanup and unattended death cleanup, as well as many other services people find unpleasant.

National Crime & Trauma Cleanup

If you or a loved one have fallen victim to a crime or traumatic event, anywhere in the U.S. – 11th Hour is here to assist you.  Many times after a crime has occurred, it can leave you distraught over the events you have witnessed or the loss of someone close to you.  Our caring and understanding staff are there to ease the burden during your time of distress.  We specialize in cleaning up after crime scenes and other trauma incidents so you don’t have to deal with the emotions and physical dangers involved.  You don’t have to relive the experience, or have painful reminders of the what has occurred.  Most crime scene cleanup incidents are covered by insurance.

Choosing The Right Crime Scene Cleaning company

Any area contaminated by blood borne pathogens needs to be handled by industry professionals that are able to clean, disinfect, and dispose of bio-hazard and potentially infectious material properly.  Our highly certified crime scene cleanup technicians will eliminate any biological fluid or disease that has resulted because of a crime and restore the area to safe, pre-loss conditions.  We urge you to be cautious of nationwide companies claiming they are in your location.  Theses businesses make money off of referrals, and use subcontractors while holding zero accountability for anything that happens in your home or business.  All employees dispatched by 11th Hour are hired, trained and certified by our company directly.

Homicide / Murder Cleanup

One of the many unfortunate facts about homicide / murder cleanup is that loved ones, friends, families or even co-workers of the victims are left to clean up the area.  When an unexpected circumstance leaves you with a painful loss, don’t amplify those feeling by reliving the scenario of their struggles while trying to personally cleanup the remains, those images can be haunting for life.   The violent act of murder is gruesome and emotionally difficult enough, contact our professional team of homicide cleanup technicians; you have enough to cope with as is.

Suicide  & Suicide Attempt Cleanup

When any death occurs, it is mortifying.  When it is unexpected and intentional, such as suicide, it is overwhelmingly difficult.  Our passion for helping people in their hardest times also means we know our line of business is quite personal.  If you’ve discovered a loved one after the heartbreaking act of suicide, we urge you not to attempt to clean up the area yourself.  The level of sadness you’re experiencing will only intensify when you relive the depression that caused such a terrible event to take place.  Call the suicide cleanup experts at 11th Hour in your time of need.

Unattended / Undiscovered Death (Body Decomposition) Cleanup

If a person has not been heard from for an extended period of time, that’s never a good sign. If the mail hasn’t been collected in days or weeks and there are several flies swarming around the windows, chances are there was an unattended death. When a person is not discovered immediately after they pass, the body begins to decompose and release odor, bodily fluids, fecal matter, as well as blood borne pathogens and bacteria throughout the entire property.  At 11th Hour, we specialize in unattended death cleanup, disinfection, deodorization and air purification services.

Other Clean Up Services Offered:

  • Tear Gas Cleanup
  • Vehicle Blood Cleanup
  • Trauma Cleanup
  • Fecal Matter / Sewage Cleanup
  • Disease Disinfection
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Toxic Mold Remediation
  • Trashed House Cleanouts
  • Foul Odor Removal
  • Meth Lab Decontamination
  • Drug House Cleanup
  • Animal & Pet Filth Cleanup

Current Crime Scene Cleanup Locations

Minnesota  –  Wisconsin  –  Illinois  –  North Dakota  –  South Dakota  –  Iowa

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