Homicide & Murder Cleaning Illinois

Homicide Murder Cleanup Illinois11th hour offers experienced homicide (murder) cleanup services for the entire state of Illinois. Our homicide cleaning crews are dedicated to helping victims and families during their troubling times. Never attempt to clean a scene yourself, as the added trauma and bio-hazards may bring more unwanted stress to an already troubling situation. Do not hesitate to call the professionals to help.

Added trauma is associated with the act of cleaning up what remains of a loved one, friend, or coworker, as it identifies their specific struggle and events leading to their death. There is no reason to have to go through the pain of physically cleaning up; the suffering is already more than enough. Our homicide cleaning services combines respect, understanding and technology together for a compassionate crew that is certified to successfully clean up any scene. Our multiple step bio-clean procedure will remove, disinfected and restore the property back to a safe and healthy condition.

Illinois Homicide Cleanup Services

  • Blood and Bodily Fluids
  • Drug Residue or Other Potentially Dangerous Substances
  • Tear & Riot Gas
  • Forensic Work Related to Investigations.

11th Hour has worked with multiple home owners, business owners, property managers, landlords, hotel companies and others that have needed cleanup services after a murder. Our past experience has led us to apartment buildings, farm houses, single family homes, duplexes, business locations and outdoor environments. We have a process that guarantees nothing is left behind, both visible to the naked eye and microscopic. We bring advanced technology with us and run tests before our departure that shows the results of our deep cleaning measures.

Call the Illinois Homicide and Murder Cleaning Professionals

11th Hour was built and thrives on passion, because of that we will take the time to figure out how to save our clients from financial burdens and will work directly with the insurance companies. Most services are covered by insurance policies and if not, we will offer affordable payment plans and you may be eligible for Crime Victim Reparation funds from the state. And all of our service work is discreet and confidential — we never divulge information to neighbors or media outlets, as your privacy is our primary concern. Our vehicles are unmarked and we make every attempt possible to conceal work being performed. Do not hesitate to call a professional homicide cleaning company.

We offer competitive pricing and currently serve all of Illinois. Call us at 773-661-4508. Or if you have questions regarding our services, send us an email: info@11thhourclean.com.

Serving the entire state of Illinois: Chicago. Aurora. Rockford. Moline. Joliet. Peoria. Bloomington. Urbana. Springfield. Jacksonville. Charleston. Effingham. Vandalia. Mount Vernon. Carbondale. Elgin. Cicero. Naperville. Waukegan.

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